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Unstoppable Origins #2 preview: Origin of Phantomhawk.

Here is a 4 page preview of Unstoppable Origins #2, featuring the Origin of the Phantomhawk. Phantomhawk 1st appeared in Stormchasers #5 and became so popular that his story was pretty much demanded by everyone who picked up the issue. The question is will the issue tell his origin or just an early story in this enigmatic character’s career?  Unstoppable Origins is a full color 24 page comic book with 22 pages of story and 2 ads. It is written and lettered by JayDee Rosario, penciled & inked by Russ Leach and colored by Michael Summers. The issue will retail for $2.99 and will be available in November from www.unstoppablecomics.com.  If it is not at your local comic shop find out why and ask them #RUunstoppable?  

So without further ado here is the opening of the story.

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