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Unstoppable Origins #2,The Phantomhawk pre order with free shipping!!! Plus other Bonuses!!!

Here is the pre order for Unstoppable Origins #2 The origin of Phantomhawk. Starting today November 9th until November 23rd, all preorders come with free shipping, but this 2 week window is for a limited time only! Now, who are we to say this is the only perk for pre ordering, if you scroll down you will see other bonuses that you might be interested in, but you need to act fast! Most of these bonuses are limited so they will sell out quick.

Ok before we get on to the package details here is the important stuff. Pre Order ends on November 23rd that is Thanksgiving weekend, Unstoppable Origins #2 will go to print on that Monday November 26th. Add a 2 week print time to this and books will ship early December, you may think that is far away but that is why we are doing free shipping for this pre order. If you look at some of the packages they make a great gift or the holidays.

Unstoppable Origins #2 is written and lettered by JayDee Rosario, illustrated by Russ Leach and colored by Michael Summers.

Here is a link to the preview to Unstoppable Origins #2:  http://unstoppablecomics.com/blog1/2012/10/20/unstoppable-origins-2-preview/


Package #1 $3.00
Availability: Unlimited
Unstoppable Origins #2 The Origin of The Phantomhawk (One Copy)
Find out about one of the most mysterious and talked about characters to come out of the pages of The Stormchasers in this issue.
Shipping: FREE!


Package #2 $6.00
Availability: 20
Unstoppable Origins #2 and Stormchasers #5
Not only are you getting One Copy of Unstoppable Origins #2, but with Stormchasers #5 you are getting the very 1st appearance of The Phantomhawk.
Shipping: Guess what? Shipping is still free!

Package #3 $9.00
Availability: 5
Unstoppable Origins #2, Stormchasers #5 and Stormchasers #4 B&W variant cover.
In this package you are getting 3 comics, Unstoppable Origins #2, Stormchasers #5 which is the very 1st appearance of the Phantomhawk, and the very limited, ultra exclusive, (I was saving it for a special moment and this is it) black and white variant cover of Stormchasers #4. If not for what happens in this issue Phantomhawk would not be on the Stormchasers in the 1st place. So you want to know and there you go, but act fast because only 5 people will be able to get their hands on claiming this package.
Shipping: Did I happen to mention at all that shipping was free?

Package #4 $20.00
Availability: 4
Unstoppable Origins #2, Stormchasers #5 and a Stormchaser Sketch Card.
Ok now we are pulling things out from my very own collection. Back in April at the Boston Comic Con, Craig Shepard the artist on Dragonstorm, illustrated these very special, one of a kind, Sketch cards of my favorite Stormchasers that have been in my collection since. There are only 4 sketch cards and each card is of a single character. Of the 4 people who get to claim this package you get, One copy of Unstoppable Origins #2, One copy of Stormchasers #5 and One randomly chosen sketch card from my personal collection.
Shipping: Have you caught on yet that shipping is free with these deals?

Package #5 $50.00
Availability: 2
Unstoppable Origins #2, Stormchasers #5 and Original Art (8 1/2 x 11)
We are going back into my private collection for this package. Craig Shepard was with us at Wizard World Philly this past June, and there he designed 2 Dragonstorm pieces that have been hanging on my office wall ever since. These are black and white illustrations, that are on 8 and a half by 11 unlined paper. Each one of the people that purchase this package get, One Copy of Unstoppable Origins #2, One Copy of Stormchasers #5 and One Original sketch.
Shipping: Yup, Free.

Package #6 $200.00 RETAILERS ONLY!!!!!!!!
Availability: 2
This one is Huge! This is the Unstoppable Comics Introductory package plus a full page, full color, ad in Unstoppable Origins #2. The details are as follows.
10 copies of Unstoppable Origins #2
10 copies of Unstoppable Origins #1
10 copies of Unstoppable Comics Character Guide #1
10 copies of Unstoppable Comics Character Guide #2
10 copies of Dragonstorm The Zero Issue
10 copies of Dragonstorm #1
10 copies of Stormchasers #4 (full color cover, not B&W variant)
10 copies of Stormchasers #5
10 copies of Stormchasers #6
In addition to all of these books you will get a full page, full color ad in one of the interior pages in Unstoppable Origins #2, that will be placed at our discretion.
Shipping: Yeah this one is free too.

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