Stormchasers #1:Redux is now on sale!

For those of you that did not get the chance to take part in the Stormchasers #1:Redux Kickstarter campaign, you not get a chance to order your copies here at Unstoppable Comics.
The Stormchasers was the first comic book to be produced by Unstoppable Comics. It is our flagship title, a team book along the lines of Avengers and Justice league, but more importantly it is the centerpiece of everything that happens in the Unstoppable Comics Universe. Within the pages of the Stormchasers we learn of the EVO’s that defend the earth. EVO’s is a term for those in humanity that have taken the next step in evolution. Some gain their gifts by accident, science experiments or through birth (plus we can’t use the word mutant). Of those that have taken the next step in evolution, some are viewed as being cursed, some feel they are blessed. There are those that use their gifts for sinister purposes and then there are The Stormchasers. The Stormchasers are EVO’s that have chosen to use their gifts to defend the world from those that want to use their powers to burn it.

Stormchasers #1:Redux is an Unstoppable Comics publication, written by JayDee Rosario, illustrated by Russ Leach and colored by Michael Summers.
Stormchasers #1
This is a download of Stormchasers #1 as a pdf file.

Stormchasers #1 Digital Deluxe
The digital deluxe package contains a copy of Stormchasers #1:Redux, a copy of the script to Stormchasers #1: Redux, and a copy of the original Stormchasers #1 with creator’s commentary.

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