Interceptor is now Shield of The Interceptor….and on kickstarter.

I want to thank everyone that has backed any Unstoppable Comic campaign in the past, and welcome those that are being introduced to us for the first time.  I’ve been asked a few times now why the change in the title from just Interceptor, to Shield of The Interceptor which is now on Kickstarter . While there are a few reasons, the first is that there is also a title from Heavy Metal with the same name, which is more popular, and has a lot more money behind it.

Now that is not the only reason, nor is it the most important (to me at least). What had been nagging me in the past is that the title ‘INTERCEPTOR” did not define what the book was about. While it is the name of the hero (and that is not changing at all) it just felt like something was missing. As a kid I always felt the title “Legend of the Dark Knight” was so much stronger than just “Batman”. There was a power behind it, a mystery that called me to pick it up, and I was looking for that same kind of feeling in the re-branding of Interceptor.

After tossing around some ideas like Interceptor:Defender of the Silver Shield (which sounds like a 90’s animated series), I landed on “SHIELD OF THE INTERCEPTOR”, and it stuck. It’s simple, it’s powerful, it’s easy to remember, but most importantly it’s defining. There are two halves to this story that deserve to have equal billing. The shield known as Prydewinter is just as important as the hero Interceptor, and exploring that is exactly what this issue is about. Interceptor’s journey takes him to a place that begins to tell the origin of the shield we call Prydewinter. If you think we were going to stop at just saying it was forged with the same metals as the sword Excalibur, you are surely mistaken. So join us as we learn about both Prydewinter and Interceptor, and what ultimately ties the two of together in, “SHIELD OF THE INTERCEPTOR”.coverissue3 copy