Unstoppable Comics expands upon it’s Trading Card set.

For those that have been supporting some of our recent kickstarter campaigns, you’ll notice that we started introducing trading cards with the first Interceptor comic book campaign. Since then the set has expanded set with every campaign we’ve had on kickstarter. Well for Shield of the Interceptor there is no difference, and five new cards have been added to the set.  In the image below the bottom row contains the latest cards to expand the set. tradingcardset17 copy
Taking a cue from infomercials we have to shout out “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE”, and show you two more cards that will be added to the set should Shield of the Interceptor hit it’s first stretch goal.

Yes there could be more, but for now you’ll have to wait and see what happens in the kickstarter for Shield of The Interceptor, or you can back the project by following this link, Shield of the Interceptor on Kickstarter.