Shield of The Interceptor action figure almost ready to launch.

We just want to remind everyone that the Shield of The Interceptor action figure will be coming soon. I know some of you have been following this for the longest time, and trust me we are just as excited about it as you are. We just want to make sure that we get it right before we put it up for sale. Please understand that we would not want to sell anything that we would not buy ourselves. On that note take a look at our progress.
The picture above is the first Interceptor figure to come out of our molds. It looks solid enough to display (and we did) but there were still a few imperfections when we held it in our hands. So the master figure builders are working on it now to knock out the rest of the kinks. The image below is the display we used for New York Comic Con 2016.
The image below is of figure parts used to create the master mold.