Unstoppable Comics turns 9 years old!

Unstoppable Comics first opened our website May of 2008. In that time we have made a bunch of comic books and have had some pretty good success. There have been mistakes as well, but those mistakes have never stopped us, and here we are chugging along like the little engine that could.  Below is a look at what the original website looked like. When Unstoppable Comics opened it’s website, it was not to publish comic books (go figure). The initial idea was to post a new hero or villain 3-5 days a week, and hope that people would write stories about the characters they saw. This idea did not last long and by 2010 we were hitting the convention circuit with 4 issues of Stormchasers, a copy of Dragonstorm and a Character Guide.  All of us at Unstoppable Comics could not be happier with our contributions, and look forward to what is coming in the following year. We hope you do too.