The next Unstoppable Comics release is…..

First off we want to thank you for supporting Unstoppable Comics. Because of this we have gone back and updated some of our original releases. You’ll find those labeled under the redux series. Well this release is along those lines. The Unstoppable Comics Character Guide updates many of the old entries and adds new ones.
Unstoppable-Covers-rgb Trade paperback test copy

Here is what the updated entries will look like in the new Character Guide. As you see there is going to be a lot more info in regards to origin. The stats have been updated as well to include occupation, place of birth, and nature of power. While we can’t use mutants because some other company has them, we can call them something else, and that will be one of the things you can find out here. The new page looks bigger but that is only because it has been adjusted for trim at the printer.