Release schedule change…Dragonstorm launches May 6th.

So we have a little change going on at Unstoppable Comics. First the bad news. The Unstoppable Comics Character ?Guide has been delayed until July. I know this may get some of you upset, but there is a good reason for it. There are even more entries added into the character guide than expected. Originally we just had characters and now we are adding team entries as well. So all the art needed for the character guide is going to take a little longer to finish than expected. The good thing is the original price of $20.00 still stands even though the book is getting bigger.

OK so that was not totally bad news. On to the good news. The Dragonstorm TPB will be launching on Kickstarter Sunday May 6th. This graphic novel collects three issues. Dragonstorm issue #1 and #2 will have it’s lettering remastered and the zero issue redux will be part of this as well all for $15.00. The digital edition will be included with the print package only during the kickstarter. It will contain unreleased Dragonstorm art along with the original Dragonstorm Zero issue.

For those of you who may never have read Dragonstorm before, here is a quick elevator pitch. Dragonstorm is the story of a hero who is not looking for a sidekick, and a young lady who is not looking to become one. The thing is they need to stick together and learn to survive each other, if they expect to make through the life or death challenges that are waiting just around the corner.

The Dragonstorm kickstarter was originally intended to be released at the end of May, but with the delay of The Unstoppable Comics Character guide the release date has been pushed up. The Dragonstorm TPB is written by JayDee Rosario, Illustrated by Craig Shepard and colored by Michael Summers. More information about the Dragonstorm kickstarter will be released soon.

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