NYCC 2018 Exclusive 10th Anniversary

We are super excited to unveil the true first look at the 10th Anniversary cover for Unstoppable Origins #1! It was illustrated by Carlos Granda and colored by Andres Barrero. Quite a bit of work was put in to get the layout just right. We wanted to pay homage to the old Marvel comics covers by putting the headline bar above the logo and a direct market box on the bottom left corner. This will be an exclusive for New York Comic Con (NYCC). The Unstoppable Origins #1 10th Anniversary cover is limited to only 100 printings. For those of you unable to make it to NYCC, if there are any left over after the con, they will be available on our next Kickstarter campaign. We wanted to do something to honor 10 awesome years of publishing and we hope you love it.