A small but important achievement.

New York vs The World on Kickstarter hit a small but important achievement last week. In the 14 past Kickstarter campaigns that have been run by Unstoppable Comics, not one of the projects was ever recognized by the platform to receive the “projects we love” tag.

A big part of the “projects we love” tag is because of you. Without you, these comic books may never see print. They will never make it to conventions for other people to find them. Without you backing us, people who are looking for a few minutes of escape may never find it. What the “projects we love” tag does is amplify your voice. It tells people that are coming to Kickstarter, the platform recognizes your support behind New York vs The World and they want others to recognize it too.

This may not seem like much to people, but for me it is important. The “projects we love” tag feels like a confirmation of the hard work put in by the team, and at this point, the team also includes all of you backers.