Unstoppable Comics action figures get a redesign.

For some time Unstoppable Comics has been working on developing action figures. We have put a lot of work and money into getting it right. Last year we showed you what the prototypes would look like, and now those prototypes have undergone a change for the better here is a look at the Stratanicus demon figure that will be in the set. The top image will be the old design and the bottom one will be the new one. We are very excited to show you this teaser. One of the changes done moved from an ab joint to a waist joint, this allows the chest emblem to have one uniformed image and not get cut in half by the separation of the torso. More info will be coming soon, but I am sure eagle-eyed action figure collectors may notice where the new body style is coming from.

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  1. What happened to Sheila of the Interceptor action figure?…
    I wanted to buy one!…

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