About Us

If you’ve come here you are probably wondering what Unstoppable Comics about. Well Unstoppable Comics is an independent comic book publishing company based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Not good enough for you,huh. You want to know more, don’t you. You probably want to know what makes Unstoppable Comics different, what makes us tic, or what are we doing to set us apart? You know what, if you had asked me those questions a few years ago I would have said;

“Unstoppable Comics is providing a diversified cast in the comics we publish to represent the various nationalities that make up the tapestry of the world”

After hearing this you probably would have walked away from me thinking I was some jerk that was full of it. You would have been right, I was arrogant, had a chip on my shoulder and thought it was a good hook to bring people in. To be honest there was something in that, because you now see the big comic book companies restructuring their publications to be more diversified. The thing is I had no substance behind the look, but that is also because I did not have the experience.

Now that have a little seasoning in me and understand the world of comic book publishing I can see the difference, and the difference is you. What makes us different is that Unstoppable Comics does not have a corporation behind us, we do not have a multi media marketing machine diving us, what we have is you. You came here looking for something different. You came here because something caught you eye. You came here because you want to know more, and you know what, we are listening.

Unstoppable Comics is not trying to reinvent the wheel. We want to tell good stories that are entertaining, where anyone can see themselves in a story, as any character. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, then let us know on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unstoppable-Comics/183909628360052
Twitter: @unstoppablecom
or by emailing the guy in charge here: jayrosario@unstoppablecomics.com