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Why did you choose to start your own publishing company?  

You mean besides the fact that I love comic books. I’ve always been a do it yourself kind of man, and I felt no one will let me tell stories the way I want to other than me. I wanted to tell stories that I felt were relevant to me or add what I felt was missing in the stories that I read.

How many titles does Unstoppable Comics currently publish?

Currently, Unstoppable Comics publishes 3 titles, Stormchasers, Dragonstorm, & The Unstoppable Comics Character Guide.

What are the Stormchasers, Dragonstorm, & The Unstoppable Comics Character Guide, about? 

The Stormchasers, it is a team book along the lines of Justice league or the Avengers, but with an international cast.  I want to add to what I felt was missing in the stories that I read, and you figure a team book with global adventures would have a more diverse cast, and that is what I’m doing here in The Stormchasers. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, just put more faces of the world in an action adventure super team book that has earth shattering adventures. While The Stormchasers has a combination of Caribbean and Central American mythology that anchor the comic, it still carries social references and a wide ethnic cast that give various readers someone to associate with.

The second book, Dragonstorm just made a successful debut at the New York comic con. It is the story of a hero who is forced to raise the granddaughter of his greatest enemy, but when you boil it all down it is the story of a man who is not ready to be a father and a girl who is not looking for a new one, wrapped up in this superhero action adventure story.

Unstoppable Comics: The Character Guide, is a source book. You only get a few pages or even a few panels to see a character, so here is where you go to get a bit more information on them.

How long have you been in business?

I officially started hitting bumps in the road in of May 2008. I say this because while I had ideas and designs long before this, I did not officially make the leap in putting a book or a team together until this time, and realized quickly that I knew nothing. I mean I still don’t, don’t get me wrong I know more than I did when I started, but I am constantly learning new things, and applying that to Unstoppable Comics in an effort to put out a better product each and every time.

Is your company currently taking submissions or proposals?

At the moment Unstoppable Comics is not looking at new proposals, we pretty much have a full plate with The Stormchasers, and Dragonstorm, The Character Guide  and 2 more titles in development.

Is your company currently looking for new talent?

Unstoppable Comics is always willing to look at new talent, for future consideration. Even though there is a solid team in place , who are a great and talented group of guys. I can’t say enough about them, but they have personal lives and do get busy from time to time, and you never know when you’ll need a fill in or something like a pin up down the road, so it’s good to network and know other people out there.

What conventions do you typically attend?

The 1st convention Unstoppable Comics attended was the NYCC this past October. We are looking to do more before we go back to NYCC next year so keep your eyes open here at www.Unstoppablecomics.com 

What are your future plans for you company?

To Conquer The World!!!!!!  Nice right? Seriously though, Unstoppable Comics is currently on a quarterly production schedule. We have 3 titles currently in print and 2 more in development. We would like to ramp that up to a monthly production schedule and get into more stores. Once that is locked in we can talk about all the other fun stuff we want to do.  

What keeps you motivated to do what you do.

“Better Stories and Unstoppable Fans!” No matter what critics and naysayers spit out about Unstoppable Comics, I am a harsher critic on myself than they can ever be. Yet when I go to a convention and I speak to the fans 1st hand and hear how much they love our stuff, and how they can’t wait to see more, I go back at the end of the night and say I need to do better.  I need to give all the Unstoppable Ones  better comics that are worth the time they are giving to Unstoppable Comics. 

What do you do differently as a publisher that you think helps to set you apart form the rest of the tide?

I finally understand that this is not a one man show, and can’t do everything by myself. I need to bring people aboard that have experience, know what they are talking about, and shut my mouth and listen when they are talking.  When I am able to take one of the many hats off my head and let someone run with things like promoting & marketing Unstoppable Comics, it gives me more time to focus on other areas that were lacking, mainly because I did not have enough time in the day to get to them. This in turn leads to producing better products at Unstoppable Comics.

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