Here are some interviews and reviews that feature Unstoppable Comics.
August 26th
Unstoppable Origins #4 reviewed over at Squatchkick.

August 17th 2014
Unstoppable Comic shows up in El Nuevo Dia, the #1 Newspaper in Puerto Rico.

August 15th 2014
Review of Unstoppable Comics at Identical Games.

April 18th 2014
Sugar Cayne talks about Interceptor on his Blog.

December 25th 2013
Review of Dragonstorm #2 at Omni Comics.

March 7th 2013
Review of Dragonstorm at The Mountaineer newspaper.

December 29th 2012
Interviewed by Invest Comics.

November 7th 2012
Interviewed by Newserama.

October 14th 2012
Review at Inter Comics.

October 1st 2012
Stormchasers #6 review by Secret Identity Podcast.

October 1st 2012
Stormchasers artist Russ Leach interviewed by Comic Booked.

July 22nd 2012
Review at They Stand on Guard, a Canadian superhero fan site.

April 25th 2012
Review at Whatcha’ Reading.

November 29th 2011
Review at Reaper media.

October 15th 2011
Interview by Kristopher M. Mosby at NYCC on Youtube.

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