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Dragonstorm is the story of a hero who forced to raise the granddaughter of his greatest enemy. When Dragonstorm meets his soon to be protege Lillian, he has no intention of agreeing to be her mentor, only saying say in a moment of haste to remove her from a deadly environment.  What Lillian later explains to Dragonstorm is that her grandfather,  the evil Balagron has set up certain test for her in life, tests which if not prepared for will certainly cost Lillian her life.  Reluctantly Dragonstorm realizes in order to truly protect Lillian, he must show her how to protect herself.

Like the concept? Great! That’s the superhero side to it, but when you all that action and adventure away what you are left with is a story about family. It’s about a guy who is not ready to be a dad, and a girl who is not looking for one, and how they learn to grow and mature, not only as individuals but also as family.

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