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Dragonstorm #1

Dragonstorm is the kind of hero who has worked alone all his life and likes it that way. When he is lured into a warehouse to find his missing sensei, Dragonstorm gets caught in a trap that will change his life forever. What is a hero to do when the life of an innocent is at stake. The choices he makes will surprise you.

Dragonstorm #1 is a full color, 24 page comic book. It is written by JayDee Rosario, illustrated by Craig Shepard, inked by Alex Rivera and colored by Michael Summers. Dragonstorm #1 retails for $2.99 as a digital copy .Below are some preview pages of Dragonstorm#1, for you to check out before your purchase.

To Purchase this comic as a Digital copy, click the link directly below.

To read and any one of your Unstoppable Comics titles on your computer, you will need a comic book reader. To download a free comic book reader please click the link below.

Here are some preview pages to Dragonstorm #1.

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