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Unstoppable Comics: Character Guide #2

Find out Who is Who in the Unstoppable Universe with Unstoppable Comics Character Guide #2. The Unstoppable Comics Character Guide gives you new insight into even more heroes and villains that appear within the various titles of Unstoppable Comics.

This is a villain heavy issue, find out origins and power sets of some of the most dispicable characters in the Unstoppable Comics Universe, such as Terrorgator and Omega Sun. This is a great jumping on point for readers new to the Unstoppable Comics universe as well as the perfect sequel & companion guide to anyone already familiar to Unstoppable Comics.

Unstoppable Comics: Character Guide #2 is a full color 24 page digital comic book that retails for $2.99. Unstoppable Comics: Character Guide #1 is written by JayDee Rosario, illustrated by Mark Lauthier, Joel Cotejar, Nini Gabriel Cayajon and Colored by Michael Summers.

To read and any one of your Unstoppable Comics titles on your computer, you will need a comic book reader. To download a free comic book reader please click the link below.

Below are some preview pages of Unstoppable Comics: Character Guide #2.

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