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Unstoppable Origins #1

Unstoppable Origins #1 kicks off by featuring the origin stories of 2 of the most popular characters within the Unstoppable Comics Universe. The first story focuses  on the origins of Starstriker who’s powers come from taino indian mythology. While the second origin story is about Interceptor, who’s silver shield comes from the isle of Avalon.

Unstoppable Origins #1 is an Unstoppable Comics Publication. It is written and lettered by JayDee Rosario, illustrated by Craig Shepard and Rushsuan Wilkerson, inked by Alex Rivera and colored byMichael Summers. The cover is illustrated by Mark Lauthier.

Unstoppable Origins #1, is a full color 24 page comic book that reatils for $2.99. Shipping and handling of .70 cents will be added to the purchase, for a total of $3.69.
Below are a few pages to preview the issue.

To read and any one of your Unstoppable Comics titles on your computer, you will need a comic book reader. To download a free comic book reader please click the link below.

Here are a couple of preview pages to Unstoppable Origins #1.

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