Unstoppable Comics NYCC2013

Unstoppable Comics at New York Comic Con 2013

Unstoppable Comics is proud to announce that on October 10th 2013, we will be appearing that this years New York Comic Con, to be held at the Jacob Javits Center. It’s exciting when the largest comic, and pop culture event on the east coast is held in our home town. For this reason Unstoppable Comics will be debuting a few new products and a
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Stormchasers #7 Preview.

Here is a quick preview of Stormchasers #7. As you can see some of our heroes are not in the best of shape. What happens to them you ask? Well you’ll just have to pick up Stormchasers #7 to find out. Stomchasers #7 is a 24 page, full color comic book, and retails for $2.99. It is written by JayDee
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Dragonstorm #2 adds a new Pre Order package!

This just in! After going through some of our convention set ups we found (what were previously believed to be sold out ) Dragonstorm shot glasses. We sold them here on www.Unstoppablecomics.com for a while, but for the most part they were sold at conventions, and they sold really well. Seeing as how these popped up out of nowhere, we
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Dragonstorm #2 Pre Order & other bonus offers!!!!!

Here is the pre order for Dragonstorm #2. Starting today February 21st this preorder will last until March 22nd! If you scroll down you will see many bonuses that you might be interested in, but you need to act fast! Most of these bonuses are limited so they will sell out quick. Ok before we get on to the package
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Dragonstorm #2 preview

Here is a quick preview of Dragonstorm #2 from Unstoppable Comics. Dragonstorm #2 is written by JayDee Rosario, illustrated by Craig Shepard and colored by Michael Summers. Dragonstorm #2 is a 24 page full color comic book and retails for $2.99.


Stormchasers #7 Cover Preview

Here is a preview to the amazing widespread cover for StormChasers #7, by Russ Leach and Michael Summers. All of us at Unstoppable Comics are proud to have this image be our first attempt at a widespread cover, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. The most amazing thing about this cover, is that this is
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Phantomhawk Preorder

Unstoppable Origins #2,The Phantomhawk pre order with free shipping!!! Plus other Bonuses!!!

Here is the pre order for Unstoppable Origins #2 The origin of Phantomhawk. Starting today November 9th until November 23rd, all preorders come with free shipping, but this 2 week window is for a limited time only! Now, who are we to say this is the only perk for pre ordering, if you scroll down you will see other bonuses
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Unstoppable Origins #2 preview: Origin of Phantomhawk.

Here is a 4 page preview of Unstoppable Origins #2, featuring the Origin of the Phantomhawk. Phantomhawk 1st appeared in Stormchasers #5 and became so popular that his story was pretty much demanded by everyone who picked up the issue. The question is will the issue tell his origin or just an early story in this enigmatic character’s career?  Unstoppable Origins is a
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unstoppablecomics media

Unstoppable Comics on TV

Hey everybody, we just want to give you a quick update on what has happened to us while we were at New York Comic Con. Both Fox 5 news, and one of BET’s most popular shows 106th and Park stopped by to find out what we were about. Now they are out there spreading the word with us and that makes us
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A Very Cool Surprise.

Hello Unstoppable Ones!!!! I want to thank every one who came out this weekend an supported us at the New York Comic Con. This weekend though no one was more Unstoppable than Unstoppable Fan TheBob Carle, who took this great poster (designed by Russ Leach and colored by Michael Summers) to Stan “The Man” Lee and got it sign by the hand (of
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