First look at the Avalonians: supporting cast on Interceptor: Genesis

Here is a color test on some of the supporting cast of the upcoming Interceptor: Genesis miniseries  from Unstoppable Comics.

Top Row: Fiddlenine-Lord of the Dark Wood, Cullan the Forger, Throttle

Bottom Row: Hollow Eve, Lady of the Lake (with and without her cloak)

Who’s good? Who’s Evil? What roles do they play in the new Interceptor mini series? These are all good questions that are probably racing through your head right now. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. If you want to find out, you just have to buy the series. Interceptor Genesis #1 is written by Brandon Easton, illustrated by Russ Leach, and colored by Michael Summers. Interceptor Genesis #1 will be a full color 24 page comic book that will retail digitally for $2.99 right here at Unstoppable Comics.