New T-shirts are added to the Unstoppable Origins #4 kickstarter.

Introducing the new Unstoppable splatter red T-shirt. Now you have an option and can choose between 1 of 2 t-shirts when you pledge to the Unstoppable origins #4 campaign. When you select the pledge that contains the t shirt you are automatically locked in, to choose the one you want all you have to do is send a message to me and say red or blue. It’s that simple, or If you want to wait a little while and weigh your options all you have to do is wait until we are funded and you can make your selection in the survey I send. Either way, I hope in giving you extra options there is more of a chance you’ll back us by finding something you like.

To order your choice of T-shirt through the Unstoppable Origins #4 Kickstarter campaign simply click on the link. Unstoppable Origins #4 on Kickstarter
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