Here is a look at the covers for Interceptor #2

I know there are still a few days left in the Interceptor #1 kickstarter, but I could not wait any longer to show you the covers for Interceptor #2. I think they both look amazing! The cover on the left is illustrated by Max Dunbar, and the cover on the right is illustrated by Russ Leach. Both covers by the way are colored by the phenomenal Michael Summers. As an incentive to get people to pledge to us on kickstarter, I have decided that one of the covers will be exclusive to the campaign, and no more will be printed than what is ordered by the backers. The other cover will be available on kickstarter, but there will be more printed up than the kickstarter variant so that way we have stock to bring with us to conventions. The biggest problem I have is deciding which one will be the kickstarter variant, hmmm I wonder who can help me out with that. For those of you wondering when it will come out, expect Interceptor #2 to hit kickstarter around February 2015. For those of you still interested in backing Interceptor #1 but have yet to do so, here is the link:
2covers copy