Unstoppable Comics 1st action figure is……..INTERCEPTOR!

Unstoppable Comics, is proud to announce that it’s very first action figure release will be the hero know as Interceptor. The initial sculpting phase has been completed, by artist Hauke Scheer. Now the Interceptor figure moves on to the molding phase, and we hope to have completed production by October 2015, just in time for the New York Comic Con. A full color look at the Interceptor figure will be up shortly.

A few lucky people may get an early shot at obtaining the figure in the Interceptor #2 kickstarter, which will be up soon. After that the only place you will be able to purchase Interceptor will be at comic book conventions where Unstoppable Comics will make appearances, and here at UnstoppableComics.com.

The Interceptor figure stands at approximately 6 inches tall and has 20 points of articulation.