Signed, sealed and then delivered.

I don’t know why I never offered this before since I do it all the times at conventions, but  I am going to start signing your books. It may not seem like much, but when the survey comes out after the Kickstarter is over you will have the option to have the issue signed at no extra charge.  On top of that, you will also get the chance to have the book sealed in polybag. Now if you choose to have the book sealed, a certificate of authenticity will be added to enhance the value of this being a collectible.  This will cost you an additional 0.00 dollars. That’s right, no extra charge for doing this if you choose the option in the survey. Now once the book is sealed in the polybag, that’s it. To read it you will have to tear it open. If you want one to read and one to keep sealed all you have to do is add $5.00 to your pledge (and send me a DM to let me know why) to get one that is not sealed, or just stick with the signature only option in the survey. Here is a look at the certificate of authenticity.